About Trusted Latvia

We, SIA Trusted Latvia, are a growing company and we have experienced agents who have been operating in real estate brokerage services for almost ten years. There are also young team players, full of enthusiasm, energy and ideas, who approach the sale or rental of property creatively and efficiently. Regular training and exercises provide continuous growth and development. In turn, it gives the client the opportunity to receive the best solutions to the problem, as well as consultations on a wide range of issues.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a bridge between the Buyer and the Seller, so that each achieves its goals.


-Professional approach to work;
-Innovative ideas;
-Reliable long-term relationship.


Professional approach to work, creative ideas, human attitude are the central features of our work. We operate with a large database of objects, a reliable customer base and active and high-quality advertising.

Our team actively pursues the goal – to solve the client’s problem and meet the needs that affect real estate.

Trusted Latvia clients

Currently, SIA Trusted Latvia operates mainly in Riga, but if the client needs it, we also go to further corners of Latvia. We focus on transactions with residential space – purchase / sale, rent, as well as with commercial objects. Our office is located on an island in the middle of the Daugava, which symbolically reminds us that there are many opportunities and customers on both banks.

Job in Trusted Latvia

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson has said that “Customers are not first, employees are first. If you take care of employees, they will take care of customers.” This is one of our favorite formulas for success right now. A happy, satisfied agent who will be happy to help our clients achieve their goals. As a company, SIA Trusted Latvia provides everything from comfortable and modern office, special equipment, excellent working conditions, to the latest IT solutions, corporate events and training on current issues. We have always been interested in long-term relationships with both our agents and our customers.

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Active buyers
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Our partners

Trusted Latvia team

We want to build long-term relationships with our customers. We grow, develop and educate to provide the best service. Friendship first, business follows!

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Melisa Ilze Gailite
CEO, Real Estate Agent
+371 22042928
Melisa Eric Usackis
Photographer / Office assistant
+371 22089861
Melisa Dagmara Niedra
Real estate agent
+371 26132909
Melisa Inga Merkulova
Real estate agent
+371 26746264
Melisa Melisa Plikske
Real estate agent
+371 20017004
Melisa Baiba Miglane
Real estate agent
+371 26188258
Melisa Oskars Bokanovs
Real estate agent
+371 26162693
Melisa Olegs Jaunosans
Real estate agent
+371 28209867
Melisa Samanta Sidla
Real estate agent
+371 26152864
Melisa Rolands Vecums-Veco
Real estate agent
+371 26868767
Aicis BaicisFacebook
Varu ieteikt Ilzi Gailīti - aktīva, zinoša profesionāle, kura man palīdzēja gan atrast īpašumu, gan izurbties caur birokrātijas koridoriem un pēc tam arī visu pacietīgi apstāstīja un ļoti ātri nokārtoja. Prieks, ka ir tādi cilvēki - paldies!
Eglė Aleksandra Marija OzolinčiūtėFacebook
If you are looking for an Agency, which you can trust with your real – estate issues, I highly recommend Trusted. These people put their mind and heart to look and find the best solutions to adress your situations, take care of your concerns as their own, provide you with wise and strategic advises. And much more, like for example they invite you for cofee with a wonderful panoramic view of Riga from their impressive and cozy office at the a top of the building. Trusted. Chosen
Ieva PlēsumaFacebook
Atsaucīgi, zinoši savas jomas profesionāļi. Iesakām visiem, kuriem nepieciešama palīdzība darījumos ar nekustamajiem īpašumiem. Īpaši patīkama sadarbība bija ar speciālisti Ilzi Gailīti. Paldies!
Zane Jēkabsone PleikaFacebook
Trusted Latvia un Ilze šķita kā svaiga gaisa malks, vērtējot līdzšinējo ne vienmēr pozitīvo pieredzi sadarbojoties ar citiem šīs jomas speciālistiem. Godprātīga, profesionāla un ļoti atsaucīga komunikācija! Patiesi iesaku!
Zita ZirneFacebook
Gribu pateikt mājīgu un sirsnīgu paldies :) Trusted Latvia māklerei Ilzei Gailītei par laipnību, pacietību (skaidrojot man visas juridiskās nianses, pārrakstot līgumu n-tās reizes un izstāstot, kur atrast Zemesgrāmatas pastkasti:). Iegādāties nekustamo īpašumu nav vienkārša lieta un lēmums, iegūt "mājas" sev un bērniem, pavisam ne-vienkārša un ir labi, ka blakus zinošs, precīzs un sirsnīgi pacietīgs profesionālis! PALDIES!